She is so strong. She is loving. Her smile lights up my world, and I hope nothing ever happens to dull her sparkle. . She is proud of her scars and I hope that doesn’t change for a long time.

She lets her little light shine, and she is beyond beautiful. She has our whole hearts for her whole life, and she loves with her whole being.

 She loves to cook, and she wants to help  with everything. She is patient and sweet with her brother and sister. She loves music and makes up her own songs, and she dances like no one is watching.

She throws sass like a fifteen year old, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. She loves my little pony and pirates and princesses and super heroes.

She loves to read, and her favorite subject is math.She is resilient, and so smart.
I love her within an inch of her life, and I love being her mommy.

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