Sunday Excitement…

We were very excited that tiny P’s team agreed last week that our girl needs a break…a break from getting blood work done a couple times a week, and a break from the hospital. She handles it so well, but we know it has to wear on her, and she needed a break.
We enjoyed our first hospital free week!

Then, yesterday morning our baby got up, and brought us her tube… which had come out of her stomach sometime in the early morning!

We called the hospital while we packed, and then we headed down to Children’s…

We were hoping our girl wouldn’t need surgery to re-place her tube…and they found that she had a small opening, which they were able to dilate over the course of the afternoon, and make her stoma big enough again to fit her regular sized tube back in.

Her stomach will be tender for a while, but she has her regular g-tube back in!

This is not an easy or pain free process, and tiny P said that it felt like they were cutting her stomach open, and if they were going to cut her open they should put her to sleep… poor thing.

We are happy that our baby didn’t need surgery, and we are thankful that she was able to go home yesterday! 

We are very, VERY thankful for her g-tube, which allows her to get some pretty yucky meds, and stay hydrated the way she needs to!

And now? We are on a break again. Ha.


  1. Renate on February 28, 2017 at 12:13 am

    Oh my gosh, so brave. Then she even smiles. Beautiful brave baby!

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