Taking Advantage…

I know I’ve been kind of a slacker in the blog department lately… I have had a good reason, I promise. We have been working on some big projects here at our casa. All will be revealed shortly…

All the Fall colors have been so beautiful this year, so we have taken advantage of many a photo shoot.

All those rich colors are very flattering, and little M looks so beautiful in the leaves.

It’s always hard to narrow down pictures to put on the blog, but I have SO many pictures of little M and leaves…it’s hard to keep it to just a few!

We have been enjoying this season with our girl so much…she is really blossoming in her speech, and her personality has always been huge. It is so fun to be able to have bigger conversations with her.

I love hearing her exclaim over the leaves, and talk about what a fun day she had. She is such a joy, and I am so lucky she is mine!

It won’t be long, and it will be Winter! The girl and I are starting our Christmas crafts this week! Yay, who’s with us?

Photo cred: John Chase


  1. Musings from Kim K. on November 9, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Gorgeous pics. Our leaves need to be desperately raked. I'm all on board with Christmas crafting! Bring it on!!

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