Teacher Love…

I love little M’s school…I love the principal and the staff, and I love her teachers. They love our little M, and how can I not love that?!

Teachers work so hard, and they deserve our thanks and gratitude.
And we are grateful…and we love to give them little thoughtful gifts whenever we can. So even though they are getting big gifts from the whole class, we wanted to do a little extra, as well.

These platters are from the very fun Target home Christmas line…

We added the holiday oreos…

Some cello wrap and a big ribbon to top it off…

And we added some fun gift cards which we taped to the inside of the cards.
I may need to go back and get some of those platters, I love them so much!
Perfect little gift for teachers we love!


  1. ZoeB on December 24, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Kids love to give gifts that can be shared with them! Maybe that's (subconsciously) why I give gifts that I think the recipient will love as much as me. And so exciting when a circumstance brings them back to me! A memory that we both enjoyed it.

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