That’s Chicago…

I know I have mentioned that little M is quite the bossypants…
She was in her element with her cousin this week in Chicago. She bossed that poor little guy
all over that city.
Poor cousin Aiden didn’t seem to mind too much, though. He was patient and very loving with little M.
He was often willing to hold her hand and run with her, even though she is much slower than he is. “Fast Aiden,” little M calls him.
But when he wasn’t up to holding hands? That did not stop little M from holding on to him!
Yes, he is bigger. Almost a head taller. And stronger. No, that did not deter her from trying to control him. Little M is almost a year older than cousin Aiden, but she will always be little M to him.

She’s a bossy one, our girl is! We’re working on it…
We took in the sights. We ate some amazing Chicago food.

We played, and enjoyed each other’s company.
And we loved watching these two cuties spend time together. And yes, I do believe little M is bossing cousin Aiden into holding hands the way she wants him to…ahh, bossypants.

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