The Debate…

Tiny P got her heart’s pacing wires taken out today after her EKG, and the only thing left will be the stitches from her chest tubes. I love seeing her gain a little more freedom and mobility with each thing that gets removed.

The big news for today is that she has been taken off the supplemental oxygen (again!)

I talked with the surgeon today, and he said that he is fine with her oxygen saturation levels being in the 60s, which is where she mostly is when she is not on O2. He said that given her heart health, he doesn’t expect it to get better than that for quite some time, if ever, and he thinks she should go home tomorrow where she will do better, and we can come in daily or every other day for X-rays, and monitoring.
The cardiac team disagrees and really wants to see her levels back up in the 80s, without supplemental O2.
I guess we will see tomorrow who wins!

I joked with the surgeon that we didn’t see him nearly as much when little M had her surgery, and he laughed, then said more seriously (in his very cute australian accent) “ah, yes, well, baby Paisley and I are going to be seeing very much of each other in her lifetime. We will be great friends!”
I love having a surgeon who cares so much about our girl, but it also made me a little sad…

Tiny P has a long heart journey ahead of her!

But for now, I am so thankful that we get to take her home!

Can you believe that in a week, our girl has gone from this…

To this?!



  1. Musings from Kim K. on January 22, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Continued blessings! I pray that your little P goes home soon. Your surgeon sounds absolutely wonderful. Praise God for your amazing medical team!

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