The Giving Tree…

I’m sure you know the story…the tree keeps giving and giving, until there’s nothing left, and still she’s happy, because the boy she loves is happy.

Well. Little M is completely enamored by this story, and has the whole thing memorized.
I tried to capture it on video, and she did most of it. My favorite parts are when the tree has no money and no house. Little M says “I havva no money,” and “I havva no house.”
It cracks me up. Every time.


  1. michelle on January 28, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    I just had to show this to my Miss K for it was so fun and funny. It cracked me up when Miss M gets so involved in the story-telling that she goes on and on without turning the pages (as you said, she had memorized it) then Miss M looks back at the book and realizes since she hadnt been turning pages she has to find where she is again. Smart, cute, and funny:) Thx for sharing.Michelle

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