The Master…

It was white, and that carpet is so dark…

And those curtains…what??

Changing the carpet wasn’t in the budget for now, but it is one of the things we will plan to change.

We painted the walls woodsmoke, added red curtains, and everything else came from our old house.

The oversized chair came from the basement of our old house. Our plans for future changes include finding or creating a headboard, possibly making a cornice board for above the window, and adding wall art.

The doors open to look down the hallway, where we made our gallery wall.

This is one of my favorite walls… usually I lay everything out, to figure out where I want everything to go, but this time, I just chose the frames I wanted on the top row, and then just added at random, until they were all hung.


  1. Renate on July 20, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    Lovely just lovely Joanna.

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