The Trouble With Names.

Little M got a stuffed bunny in her Easter basket…Not because we celebrate the Easter bunny, but because she likes bunnies.
She told me he had a name, but she wouldn’t tell me what it was, and I didn’t pursue it…my bad.
We were at the pediatrician’s office last week, and the bunny went with us.

The nurse there greeted little M, told her she had a cute bunny, and asked what it’s name was.
Little M proudly proclaimed “The bunny’s name is jesus.” Oh yes, she did…she named her bunny jesus.
The nurses and the doctor were all vastly amused. I was teetering on the tightrope between amused and slightly appalled.
She told several people throughout the day what her bunny’s name is, and later I asked her if maybe the name could be something else.
“Maybe the rabbit’s name could be jesse?” It was not a winner.
“Rabbits name is not jesse. Rabbit’s name is jesus.” Of course it is. and then the kicker… “You no like jesus, Mommy?”
She had me there. The rabbit’s name is jesus. For now.


  1. Bev on April 23, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Oh my, that's too funny! Maybe tell her that Jenna tries a new name out for her stuffy every other day or so… It is currently Scarlett (or at least it was last I heard), but was Clarise two days ago and before that has been Clarkie, Nyah, Raina, Sophia, and Wakey-Wakey. We never know what name to use, but she seems to remember what the current name is without hesitation and if we get it wrong, we are quickly corrected!

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