The Wait (and concurrent adoptions)

The wait since we began this adoption journey with China has grown significantly. From the time a dossier is logged in at the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) till the time of referral, the wait is currently around 36 months, and slowly growing. We knew we wanted more than one child from the beginning, so, as our dossier was winging it’s way to China in May, 2008, we were busy signing on with a second agency, to start the adoption process with Taiwan (hence the blog name “waiting for two”). We have been told the wait time, till referral is around 12-18 months; we are hoping and praying for a shorter wait, rather than a longer one. 

We have been extremely blessed to have wonderful, amazing friends who are not only super excited for us, but have been so supportive, and so sweet. 

Thanks for waiting with us! 

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