The Waiting…

We are almost at sixteen months of waiting. Right now we are in the process of updating our homestudies. Both of our homestudies, for China and for Taiwan, are being renewed. When our China homestudy is updated we will send it to the immigration offices so our immigration status can be renewed. Then we will be good for another eighteen months.

For Taiwan, our updated homestudy buys us six more months in the Taiwanese courts. Right now we are waiting for a call from our caseworker that we have received our referral. Our referral simply means that a baby has been chosen for us. We are hoping for that call in the next 3-4 months. When we get the call we will receive three or four pictures, a video, and some medical background on the baby and the baby’s family. We are really looking forward to the day we get the call, and we are hoping it comes sooner, rather than later.

For now, we continue to wait…and we welcome your thoughts and prayers!

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