Then And Now…

When I look back at pictures of little M in China, I am struck by how sad and shut down she looks. We saw it then, when we were in China, but we didn’t see it as much as we do now, now that we know our girl. When I see these pictures of her cleaning every little thing, and the fear on her little face, I am so sad for her.
Almost nine months ago, I can see in her pictures how devastated little M was…
I much prefer being on this side of the past nine months, and seeing her happy.

Even though we sometimes see traces of that sadness, those times of grief are getting fewer and fewer, and we are so glad to see it.


  1. Bev on May 9, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Oh look how she has grown! Those pants look much shorter on her now… We look at pictures of Jenna the same way. We knew she was sad back then but had no idea how sad until we got to know her happy. It's so much nicer to see these little girls smiling and laughing!

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