Things That Don’t Happen Anymore

Little M used to call my mom “Namma”, and my dad “baby Namma.” I miss that. Now she calls them Ganamma, and Ganpa.

Little M used to sing “winkle, winkle, yidda dar.” Now she can sing “twinkle, twinkle, yittle tar.”
Little M loves to sing ABC’s, but she used to only sing “a-thee-bee, a-thee-bee.” Now she sings a lot of the whole song.
Little M used to only know two songs, now she has quite the repertoire, and sings them at the top of her lungs!
Little M used to call Kai-lan “Kai gan,” but now she says the name clearly.
Little M used to say”pee” for please. Now, she says “puh-lee.” And I love it.
Little M used to have no interest in watching tv, which was wonderful, but now that she can hear that something is going on, she is much more interested.

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