Three Years Of Forever…

Three years ago today, we met the little girl who would make us a family of five.

These three years have been a rollercoaster of joy, and pain, and love, and hope. We are so lucky to spend our lives with this baby girl.
Tiny P has changed so much more than you can imagine over the past three years. She has gone from a dying baby to a thriving baby, full of life and all of the sass.

She is loving and sweet.
She is feisty and strong.
She is a fighter, and a survivor.
She has more scars on her tiny body than anyone else I know.
She is funny and smart.

She is heavy and sturdy,  and she has gained almost 16 pounds over the past eighteen months.
She is strong, and loves to run and jump and climb.
She is bossy and loud.
She loves beautifully and completely.
She loves her family, and her brother is her best friend.

She brings us so much joy, and we are so lucky to be her’s.

Happy family day, sweet tiny P!

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