Our tiniest has been home for three months today!

And what a three months it has been…

In the past three months, tiny P has been in the hospital three different times, had two different surgical procedures, and has had three new medical diagnosis.

This little princess has kept us on our toes, and has us all wrapped around her tiny finger. She is funny, and so smart. She has the best grumpy face of anyone I know.

She is also, once again, home from the hospital, and we are hoping and praying to keep her here for the next eighteen days until she will have her heart surgery.

She is so easy to adore, and everyone she meets falls in love with her.

She worries me for her heart and health on a daily basis. She gives the best cuddles and loves to be held. She loves being home with her people, and I am already dreading our next hospital stay.

But for now, I am just thrilled to celebrate three months!


  1. Paula on December 28, 2014 at 11:57 am

    She is precious! I think back to those first couple of weeks….how far she has come!!!! Prayers and hugs being sent your way that Timy P stays well enough to stay in the comfort of her own home surrounded by the love of her family until the next \”scheduled\” visit. What a gem!

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