Thursday’s Thoughts…Jingle All The Way

Our very sweet neighbor gave little M this dog named Jingle for Christmas. It comes with a book, and makes barking sounds, and little M LOVES this little dog! She will often take him to school with her and then leave him in the car so he can “wait for her.” She declares that he missed her when she is gone, and runs to give him hugs. I can tell this dog will be a favorite for some time…thanks, Megan!

The other day little M told me that Jingle likes to drink milk, and I said, “oh, just like you?” She replied “yes, I love milk. It makes my tongue feel soft.”

The husband was out of town this past weekend for a men’s retreat. Last year when he was away, little M was very angry for an entire week, and she took it out on me. This year I was ready for the worst, but it never came. Little M told me how she missed her daddy all weekend, and at one point when we were in the car, out of the blue she told me ” I am just not feeling happy with you right now!” I was surprised, and asked her why… “because my daddy is not here!” She has been well behaved ever since!
Why am I the one who gets blamed?

Little M informed me this week that this Halloween she would like to be a “wench.”
It took me an hour to figure out that she meant a witch. I’m not sure how she even knows what a witch is…And yes, our girl is already talking about what to be for Halloween. She is a planner, that’s for sure.

We had a huge rain storm this week, and had to run to the grocery store. When we went in it was pouring rain, but when we came out the rain had stopped and the sun was out.
Little M stopped outside the door, and threw her arms open wide, and loudly said “the clouds went away, and the sun come out to shine on me!”
And everyone around us just about died of cuteness.

This little M has never met a stranger. She thinks everyone is her friend, and can talk to anyone.
This week we were doing some shopping at the mall, and we were at a kid’s clothing store. They have a tv in this store that plays kid’s music videos and short little shows, and little M loves to sit and watch this tv while I shop. I was close by to keep an eye on her while she was sitting next to another little girl and heard the cutest conversation:
Girl: Oh look! That’s a cute kitty!
Little M: hmm, I really don’t care for kitties.
Girl: You don’t??
Little M: No. I prefer inchworms.
Girl: I don’t even know what that is.
Little M: You don’t? How old are you?
Girl: Almost six.
Little M: I’m five.
Girl: We can be friends!
Little M: We ARE friends!

I need to listen in on conversations more often!


  1. celine on March 15, 2013 at 2:09 am

    Nils and I are laughing out loud at this post. So cute and so, so funny!

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