Tiny P Goes To The Beach

Because tiny P was so sick and needed to stay close to her hospital, she didn’t get to experience very many things the first year she was home…and she really wouldn’t have enjoyed them.

But now? Now she is enjoying life to it’s fullest, and we were all excited to experience her first visit to the beach with her. We also knew that she would likely not like the actual beach much, since she doesn’t like to be dirty, and sand can be sensory overload to a little person who has spent a great deal of time in a hospital bed.

Tiny P was seriously offended by the beach, and the sand hurt her soul…

But she LOVED the water on her feet.She could have stood and done that all day long.

Except we didn’t let her, because we were overzealously taking breaks to reapply sunscreen, and make her sit in the shade.

But she did stand in the waves a lot. And she adored it. She warmed up to the sand, and by the end of the week she tolerated it, even if she didn’t love it.

Baby J is the opposite, and is sensory seeking…he loves everything about the beach, and is hard to take a picture of, because he is so busy, haha!

Little M body surfed, swam, and gathered shells…

This girl loves the water so much. As soon as we got to the beach she told us she was born to live on the water. Bless it.

The last time we were at the beach, baby J had just gotten his cast off after his tendon release surgery for club foot, and he was the one sitting on a towel, taking it easy. That seems like a lifetime ago for this little guy! He is such a different person…you would never know this was really the first time he had actually played at the ocean. Sometimes I forget how many things have changed for him in such a short time…


  1. Renate on June 29, 2016 at 12:06 am

    I love the beach too! .🏖

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