Tiny P’s Big News…

Our tiny P has been sick with a cold since February… and when she started running random fevers, her original heart catheterization had to be rescheduled. She had also been struggling with being very anemic despite being on high doses of iron. Since her heart cath was rescheduled for the next week, we went in two weeks ago for her pre-op workup. She was still running random high fevers, but the thing that concerned Dr S the most was that despite upping her iron dose, her blood work showed that she was even more anemic.

The decision was made to admit her that same day to start some blood transfusions. She also had a full viral panel done to rule out viruses that might cause her fevers, and we got visits from hematology and the infectious disease team.

After a couple bags of blood, our girl was full of energy and ready to go! She never spiked a fever while she was in the hospital, so we are still not sure where those fevers came from. They decided to go ahead and do her heart cath, since we were already there for the week, and she did great!
They did her heart biopsy to check for rejection, and even though the pressure numbers weren’t great, her heart function overall is very good.

She had her cath late on Thursday, so we got the cath results on Friday morning… zero rejection!  This is HUGE news! We haven’t had zero rejection since her first cath post transplant.

We also got another visit from the hematology team…after Tiny P’s blood study, they found that she is anemic because she has thalassemia.  It is a blood disorder that she was born with, but that, for some reason, only just now presented. We will be learning more about what this means for tiny P in the coming months! It may mean some medication changes, and regular blood transfusions for tiny P…This is a bit of a surprise, but truly not a big deal.

This girl is so unique and so special, sometimes I feel like we may never know everything there is to know about her!

She is amazing, and we are so blessed to be her family.


  1. Unknown on April 26, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    I've been reading your blog for a long time because I've always had an interest in adoption, and think you have three of the cutest, funniest kids ever. I am so glad that we live in an age where getting a blood transfusion is not scary like it was in the 80s. Can you and your husband donate blood to her? Lori Sloan

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