Tiny P’s Family Day Story…

For little M’s and baby J’s family days, we met them in the morning. Meeting your child in the morning means you don’t have as much time to stress and obsess…

Tiny P’s orphanage is eight hours away from Changsha, where we are staying, and it is the capital of Hunan, so the adoption had to be finalized here.
Because it is eight hours away, we had to wait till late afternoon to meet our tiny P. We ate breakfast, then came back and got everything ready, then we went to lunch…then we just waited and waited and waited…

Finally, it was time to go to the civil affairs office!

This was the same building we met our baby J at, and though baby J didn’t seem to remember it, it was sweet to be able to think about the day we got baby J, and how far he has come since.

The husband and I were watching for the orphanage van out the window, so that we could capture the moment she arrived.

Little M and baby J were so excited and they were waiting to see tiny P the moment she got off the elevator. The man carrying her is the orphanage director, and the woman is the person who does the paperwork for the orphanage. The little boy behind them is our tiny P’s best friend, her big brother from the orphanage, and she is VERY attached to him, so we were thankful that they brought him along.

Tiny P had gotten very car sick in the van on the way to us, poor thing, and she had a terrible heat rash, but little M declared that she was still the cutest baby girl in the world.

Baby J was very anxious to be in tiny P’s space, and his big love was a little overwhelming, ha.

We will forever be grateful to this man, tiny P’s orphanage director. He worked very hard to get tiny P the medical care she needed, and to get her file prepared for adoption. Tiny P’s orphanage is very small, only around thirty kids (little M’s has around 800 kids, and baby J’s has around 400 kids),  and we could tell that he works very hard for the kids in his care. There were two other little girls who had similar heart conditions, and we were told that they first went to a local hospital for their surgery, and sadly didn’t make it… so when tiny P needed surgery, he worked to get her sent to Beijing to the hospital there, and he took her himself. We love his heart and his care for our girl, and even though he clearly cared about tiny P, he was thrilled she was being adopted.

Little M was able to coax a smile out of tiny P, and she was very proud of herself…

Then, sadly, when it was time for us to leave, the people from the orphanage snuck out while tiny P was occupied, and when she realized they were gone, we became the abductors… she was terrified and inconsolable. It was a long afternoon, as she screamed in terror at everything until she finally cried herself to sleep.  She slept all throughout the night, but wouldn’t take any of the formula the orphanage sent.

The next day when we went to the civil affairs office, she was again inconsolable unless she was with someone from her orphanage, but we asked them not to sneak out, and instead to tell her goodbye and let her see them leave. It definitely seemed to help a bit, and she was less terrified of us for the rest of the day.

Finally today she is taking a bottle, which is a relief, but she is still so sad and scared. She is more attached to the husband at this point which is so sweet to see, and she prefers to be held and carried.

We only have a couple more days until we head to Guangzhou and begin the second part of our journey home!


  1. Paula on September 17, 2014 at 10:39 am

    Day by day….what a treasure. So glad to hear she has started to eat! Do you happen to have any of those baby food squeeze packs with you? My daughter was in the same boat as Tiny P in terms of never having eaten food per say but took to those right away plus I was able to mix them into baby cereal for added nutrition. I believe the Walmart there might have something similar.

  2. jessica on September 17, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Oh so glad she is starting to drink formula, what a relief for you all I'm sure!! She is just adorable! It's so sad to see her grieve so hard, we'll keep praying for you all and especially her little heart! You are a precious family of five!!!!!

  3. Musings from Kim K. on September 17, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    I'm so relieved that she is taking formula. Her little world has been turned upside down. Reading about her orphanage director and his desire to get her the necessary medical help brings happy tears to my eyes. Continued blessings.

  4. Elizabeth Dahl on September 17, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Great that she has started to eat! Poor little P – what a traumatic experience. But she will soon find out how great her new family is and what an awesome big sister and big brother she has!

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