Tricks And Treats…

Happy Halloween! My babes are VERY excited this year to celebrate! Little M and Baby J chose their costumes this year, baby J got his outfit for his birthday, and he has worn it almost every day since, but whatever. He loves him some pirates. Tiny P is an owl, because it’s the warmest outfit I could find…and it’s totally adorbs.

They are very serious this year about trick or treating. This is so funny to me, because they don’t really love sweets, but they love to gather the sweets.

Also, it should be noted that little M has chosen to be a super hero every year except one. I like her theme.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Renate on October 31, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Happy Halloween ! Super cute little M! Grrr J. I love owls.

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