Tuesday’s Tidbits…

Just a few of the random happenings around here lately…

My boy perpetually has bruises all over his body, and usually one on his forehead, at all times. He is getting much more steady on his feet, but I still find at least one new bruise every night.

My boy is also becoming very clear in his verbal skills… he is mastering his sounds and pronunciations. This is both a good thing and a bad thing – good that everyone can understand him and he is not as frustrated, but also bad that everyone can understand him when what he says is not so good.

My babies have asked every day since returning from Montana when we are going back on an airplane… Little M made a petition and had baby J sign it. A petition.

Yesterday little M asked me to make her a paper chain to count down her days until she can go to first grade. I am happy that she is excited, but I am pretty devastated that there are only four weeks of Summer left…I hope that baby J gets this excited about starting school, also.

Little M had gymnastics camp last week, and halfway through, she decided to ask her teacher if her baby brother could come… baby J is the right age to tag along, but when little M and I talked about it at the beginning of the Summer she wanted to go to camp by herself, not with her baby brother. I have decided that this is a very good sign of sibling attachment… and baby J tagged along with her on Friday. He was beyond excited, and didn’t cry when I left. I am hoping that this bodes well for when he starts preschool in a few weeks.

There is a special kind of lunacy that happens at our house every day, around five in the evening. People who were previously friends decide that they shall be foes for the remainder of the evening. People become tired and grouchy. It becomes all about survival up in here.

Baby J was given a pirate dress up set last Summer at the hospital when his foot was being casted, and for some reason the sword from that set has become a favorite toy around these parts the past couple weeks. Many arguments have been broken up over that ridiculous sword… The other day baby J had it, and little M wanted it, and from the other room I hear “J, if you give me the sword, I will give you quarter. Quarter means mercy, don’t you want mercy?”
And J replied, “No. No mercy, I want the sword.” I was almost glad we only had one sword, it made me laugh so hard.


  1. noname on July 29, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Mackenzie sounds like my niece when she was little… she kept track of her cat's exercise times… she called it \”Kitty Cardio\”. LOL.

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