Tuesdays Tidbits…

My babies have become very good friends over the Summer, and I have loved watching them play together, and talk, and laugh, and get close. I hope they are always good friends… but I think they are about done with each other now, so it might be nice for them to have a little break from each other

Little M and baby J both had good first days of school… baby J was quite nervous, but he managed to pull himself together, and was able to have fun. Little M declared that she did not need me to walk into school with her, and that she could go by herself, and then she marched herself into her first day of first grade like IT WAS HER JOB. This girl who cried every day for the first month and a half of pre-school… so confident and happy. I am so proud of her little self! I did still sneak in after her, just to make sure she was ok, and she was happily chatting up her teacher.

Baby J was a serious fan of the first day of school. He wanted to stay…and, relief, he never cried. The teachers both said he has a LOT of energy (ironically, that is the first thing everyone says about our baby J). Yes, I am so aware of his energy level…
They also said that he was very outgoing and had excellent manners. Win.

Little M told me she was like the queen at school. I don’t have any idea what this means, but that sounds positive, doesn’t it?  She also said that she is going to be very, very busy this year, and everyone should make appointments with her on the weekend. Fair enough…

The other day, little M found a letter waiting for us outside our front door, and said “oooh, I wonder if this is an approval letter for our baby sister!” Ha. Guess what we’ve discussed often in our house?

One of baby J’s favorite things to do is name all the people in our family, and count them. He has recently started adding tiny P to his list, and it is precious.

Little M is so ready to have tiny P home, she can hardly stand it. She keeps telling me she is bad at waiting, and that she’s super ready… I am ready too!

We have had a busy Summer, and I am looking forward to a quieter, more regular schedule, earlier days, and Fall!

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