Two Short Weeks…

In just two short weeks, my babies will be out of school for the Summer!

Little M has been making “Summer lists” for weeks now with all the things she wants to do.

Baby J will no longer be a preschooler…

Well, technically he will. He’ll be in pre-K anyways, but he’ll go every day instead of just a few days a week. We made the decision months ago to keep J in pre-K this year, and send him to Kindergarten next year, hopefully giving him as much opportunity to be successful, as we are able.

Maybe it will give him a chance to grow a little, too. Baby J is a little guy…he is growing, but he is little.
We also want to give him this extra time to not be in school all day. Baby J has trouble being still, and he has trouble with staying focused, so we are thinking that sitting in a classroom is not yet the best option for him.

Most of all, we hope that this year, where he is only in school a few hours a day, and home for the rest of his time, he will have the opportunity to mature and grow a little bit. Our boy has a very hard time with change, and we are still actively working on our attachment with him. We need this extra time. Our hope is that this Summer will be a time of growth, and healing, and that it will be a time where we see strides in attachment.
And of course, we are looking forward to the fun! And this boy is always all about the fun.

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