Two Weeks Out…

Tomorrow is two weeks…two weeks since we got the call that there was a heart for our tiny P. It’s been almost one week since she went back to surgery to have a diaphragm plication. Because her diaphragm was pushing up and causing her left lung to collapse, so it had to be tacked down.

While they were working on the diaphragm, they noticed that there were some holes in her diaphragm that were allowing her abdominal organs to push up into her chest cavity. This is a common problem with kids who have heterotaxy, and they were able to fix it quickly.

But then they noticed another issue that could involve the potential for infection, and to be safe, she needed to have her chest opened back up, so they could address the possible infection.
A two hour surgery turned into six hours, and we were relieved when we finally got to see her again!

She stayed sedated and intubated for a couple more days, and they were finally able to extubate her on Wednesday afternoon.
After being extubated, she decided that ten days was long enough to sleep, and our tiny queen decided that she was done with sleep. So she slept no more… our tiny P went on playing with stickers and coloring all night long, all. night. strong. And then she went into the next day, and carried on into the night until the melatonin she was given finally kicked in.

Even though there have been a few setbacks, our baby is doing so well, and we have loved getting to watch this miracle unfold before our eyes…the miracle of tiny P’s new heart.


  1. Musings from Kim K. on December 7, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Such a beautiful gift. Such a special miracle.

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