Two Years…

Two years ago today, we got off a plane to see friends and family waiting for us at the airport, to welcome us home and meet the newest member of our family.

Our handsome little man has been home with us for two years today!

Our baby J keeps us on our toes, and I always joke that if I can keep him alive till he is eighteen it will be a miracle. He has no fear, and glancing off of tables and walls as he careens through rooms doesn’t seem to faze him at all. He is active, and loud, and he just wants to play pirate/boats/sharks/trains all day long. He is busy, and he is always moving. The only time he is still is when he is sleeping…and when he sleeps, he is the most beautiful little boy evah.

He’s SOOO happy… even if he’s just been sad, if someone smiles at him, he can’t help but smile back.
He is full of very loud joy, and he loves to laugh. He seriously just wants to play and have fun all the livelong day. He is happiest with his family, and he is beyond loyal and adoring to his sisters. He loves weekends when we are all together, and at least once a day we hear him say “I love my family!”

He loves attention, and he is affectionate. He is more extroverted than anyone I know, and I know some pretty extroverted extroverts. He love to be on the go, and even if the husband or I is just going to the grocery store, he wants to come. He talks to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, and that means that I have to talk to everyone everywhere. He is a lover, and chances are that if you have been to our house, you have gotten a hug from baby J. He loves everyone.

He loves to clean, and I hope this lasts forever. He follows little M around and cleans up after her, often before she is done with whatever she was playing with, and even though it frustrates her, I can’t bring myself to stop him, because secretly… I love it. He puts toys away so well, and he often asks what he can clean. He loves to help, and he can’t wait “until I am big and six” so that he can vacuum. The other day, I asked him to help me clean the car out, and he was giddy.

He tries my patience until I want to scream, and then he tells me that he “loves me to space and around the hot, hot sun, and all the way back home.” He is so sassy (boys can be sassy, too…trust me), and I can already picture him on the debate team in high school. He smiles, and his dimples make me want to smother him with kisses. He laughs, and it makes me smile. He thinks I am the “strongest in the world” and I love him for it. He thrives on praise, and I am proud of how hard he tries.

He is our boy. And we love him. Happy two years, baby J!


  1. Renate on April 20, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    So handsome!

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