Two Years Ago…

It is tradition in the China adoption world to take a picture on a red couch while in China.

We even bought little M a special outfit for her red couch picture…

And she was adorable in it. However, little M was a tiny little thing, and the outfit we bought was huge on her.

Her arms and legs were exceptionally short for a two and a half year old.

But, after being home for a year…having a healthy heart after surgery, and having a healthy diet, she had grown. A lot. Her arms and legs were longer, and she was looking more her age, than the twelve month old she previously resembled.

Her hair was growing, and she was a happier girl.

This year will probably be the last year our girl can wear this dress. I will miss it!

It is so sweet to see her in the dress, and be able to look back at the pictures of her each year.

And I know I say this all the time, but our girl has changed SO much over the past twenty-four months.

We are so proud of our little M, and so very glad she is ours!

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