TWO Years…

Two years ago today we walked out of a hot civil affairs office as a family of five, holding our new very sad, very angry, very sick new little girl. We were scared, and she was terrified. When she wasn’t sleeping, she was screaming in terror, non-stop for days. Finally, just before it was time to fly home, we saw a sweet smile…

We got home, and we saw more and more sweet smiles, we were treated to some sass, and we saw many, many doctors. We knew our girl was so sick, and we knew that no matter what her future held, or how long that future might be, she needed a family…

We became pros at being admitted into the hospital at a moment’s notice, and our baby spent over 200  days in the hospital her first year home.

We have learned so much from this tiny bundle of sass…she has taught us so much about hope, about being brave, about crazy love, and living life to the full. We have learned that loving, even when you are afraid, even when you might lose someone, big beautiful love is always, always worth the risk.
My baby taught me that. How lucky am I to be her mommy?

Happy family day, tiny P!


  1. Jennie on September 17, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Pretty in pink! She is growing up so fast.

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