Waiting For Warm…

Little M’s school has used up all of it’s snow days for this year…and apparently we have more snow on the way, still.

Little M has been asking every day when it will get warmer. I think our girl is a little tired of wearing pants, and tights, and is ready to have naked legs again.

She is cracking me up with the things she says about the weather…

“cold again?! My coat is so tired of being worn!”

“How can it be so cold when the sun is shining?”

“I think winter is only pretty before Christmas, after that it just looks dead.”

“I will not be able to wear my sandal shoes again while I am still five, I will have to wait until I am six!”

“Poor baby J is so small, he might freeze solid.”

“It’s snowing again! Ugh!”

“Oh my goodness. I think I am going to sleep in tomorrow, because I think there will not be school!”

“Oh, cold again… indoor recess for sure!”

“This cold weather is freezing my bottom!”

“No baby J, it’s not “no,” it’s ‘th-now’.”

“When I turn six, will it get warm, mommy? Or will it be cold forever?”

“Winter is not my favorite…”

Love that girl. I can’t wait until Spring, too!

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