We Are Back…

Ah, Children’s Hospital… we know it so very well. And we are back.

Instead of the third floor cardiology unit, we are in a new department…the plastic surgery department.
We met with a plastic surgeon this morning to talk about little M’s little ear. Most people don’t notice right away, but little M has microtia…she is missing the outer form of her ear, and she does have a canal, but it is much smaller than the other one. We have been meeting with her ENT a lot lately to look at, and decide what to do with her little ear. We have some choices to make for our girl…we know she is not hearing out of that ear, and in order to hear with that ear, she may need a hearing aid. A hearing aid would be easier to apply if there was something to attach it to. The question is whether she really needs to hear out of that ear…is it worth everything that she would have to go through?
We had always planned to have her ear changed one day…if she wanted that. Her ENT has always wanted us to have her ear done before she started full-day school. It was in the plan, but I thought we had time. And part of me thought that maybe, just maybe, it didn’t need to change. And maybe it doesn’t…
Gah. I have such mixed feelings about this. Honestly? I love little M’s little ear. She is beautiful and perfect in every way, and I love everything about her. I am loathe to change anything about her, and even more, I would hate if she felt like we wanted to change her.
God made her just the way she is, and we love that.
We loved the plastic surgeon we met with. He was supportive and very honest, which we prefer to promises of “perfect ears.” We have lots to think about, and big decisions to make. Many of the things we had been thinking, in terms of little M’s ears may not be the right thing for her…so much to think about!


  1. Musings from Kim K. on November 5, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Thinking of you as you make your decisions. I remember that mix of emotions when we did Josie's reconstructive hand surgery to remove her extra thumb. Hugs!!

  2. Bev on November 5, 2011 at 6:46 am

    You will make the right decisions… because you are making them with the love and wisdom of being Little M's parents. Best wishes to you as you work your way through this!

  3. Jessie on November 5, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Good luck on your decision. I'd probably allow her to have the reconstructive surgery…kids don't like to be too different from others (my girls are school aged, oh how I know this well). I'm sure you will make the right decision for her! She's darling either way!

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