We Are Lucky!

I think the comment I hear the most from people when they hear we are adopting, is “Oh, she will be so lucky!” or “That is so good of you both to do that!” 

I know where these people are coming from, and I know that I have thought, upon hearing of orphans being adopted, that same thing.
But since starting our adoptions, I have never once thought that gosh, our child will sure be lucky. I have never felt so humbled in my life. The thought of taking this little person away from the only life she will have ever known,  and taking on the responsibility of helping her grow, both emotionally and physically, and helping her to feel safe and loved, is both overwhelming and exciting. But most of all I feel blessed, blessed that God had entrusted us with this task, and blessed to be able to be a  mommy. And I know that really, we are the lucky ones!

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