Wearing Diapers…

When little M to us, she was wearing diapers. In pictures we received of little M before we got her, it appeared that she was not wearing diapers…but she came to us in diapers, so we kept it that way. We kept her in diapers until she was three, and decided she was done with them.

Baby J came to us with no diapers. We were told he was potty trained, and that he would tell us when he needed to go. Great news! We went back to our hotel, our guide showed him the potty, and tried to help him go. He wasn’t having any of that, and when we changed his clothes, we put a diaper on him until we could go to the store and buy some underwear.
The toilet at the hotel was scary for him, and he wouldn’t go near it. The boy was used to a sqatty potty, so a toilet must have seemed huge, and frightening.

Baby J is still wearing diapers…he never told us when he had to go to the bathroom, he never said the chinese words for potty, he never even pointed that he had to go. His diaper would always be wet, but he seemed oblivious, and he never wakes up at night when he goes.

I am thinking that if he was potty trained, it was very new. Or maybe his foster parents took him to the bathroom every hour or so? Or, maybe he just regressed.

Who knows…

For now though, our boy is in diapers, and that is just fine.
I just have to get used to changing a diaper regularly again… I have gotten out of practice, and I forget, ha!


  1. dawn on May 9, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Hmmm, our social worker and the therapist at our agency said something very eye opening about putting the kiddies back in diapers..and I can't remember what it was. Both of mine were supposedly trained and I managed to ruin them both. LOL and did it happily. oh my gosh I am scratching my head and can't think but you are doing a good thing by diapering him…even if it's a pain and you forget.I have mummy brain today. Rosie is 6 it's been a while since we went to China.I do remember having to hold Rosie over the toilet and whistling and that was just wrong. just horrid and wrong and I was so glad when she got used to the diaper she was only 12 months old.

  2. April on May 10, 2013 at 1:54 am

    Same for us, Joanna, and I'm just not sweating it right now. How old is he? Lucy turned two in January, so I'm not overly concerned. The orphanage nannies also told me she was potty trained, and she does seem to have some sense of it. I think she would be a quick study if I pushed it, but I'm concentrating on other things right now. At the orphanage, I asked them what type of potty she is using and they took me in the bathroom where they had several of those small children's potties under the sink. So, I went to Walmart and bought one. I find them a little gross actually, but I thought since she was used to it, I'd try it, and sure enough, she does go in there when she thinks of it. I might try more with it this summer when things slow down a bit for our schedule. He's precious. I was just thinking about his picture on ASIA's blog as I looked at these pictures tonight. Isn't it just amazing? Hope you are doing well.

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