We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt

Little M has a book about going on a leaf hunt, and she has been asking every day if we could do a leaf hunt… so we grabbed a bucket and did just that!

There aren’t a ton of Fall leaves yet, but there were enough to fill up the girl’s little bucket.

Little M is not picky when it comes to “fall leaves”…even dead ones were pronounced beautiful, and stuffed in the bucket. Some “fall leaves” even got taken directly from the tree.

Then we took them home, and got out the paint.

We used a white crayon to make some pretty leaf shapes in paint…

We used leaves to make stamps…

We painted around leaves…

And we ended up with quite the leaf art display.
And finally, two days later, I have convinced little M that the bucket full of yucky dead leaves had to go. I am sure we will be doing another leaf hunt soon!

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