What We Do…

We miss little M… I have been told, however, that she does not miss me, because she is too busy working and having fun (I have been informed that she does think about me, though, ha).

While little M is off having fun learning, it’s just me and baby J…

I knew this time would be great for bonding, and it has. But we also have a lot of work to do, so we work, also.

We practice walking. Slowly, to build up his foot and leg muscles.

We play cars… I space them out across our floor, so he has to squat and pick them up, also building muscles!

We play with magnets on the refrigerator, putting them high, so he has to stretch, and get on his little toes to reach them…

And when we get tired, we eat a little snack.

We read books, and we take walks.
We go to the park, and we go to the doctor.
We have certainly not been bored… but we are so happy when it is time to pick up little M!

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