When You Are Four…

When you are four, you love to sing and you sing at the top of your lungs all of the songs you know, especially Christmas ones, and even ones you have made up.

When you are four and someone comes to your house you just know that they are only there to see you…and listen to your songs, and color with you, and look at all your toys, and play legos with you…

When you are four, it is hard to understand why you cannot be the boss of everyone. It is impossible to fathom that someone might know better than you.
When you are four, you get excited about even little things, like washing your own hair or zipping up your coat, because when you are four, every accomplishment in cause for celebration.
When you are four you just know that everyone loves you, because why would’t they?
When you are four you decide that you want sushi for your birthday dinner, not McDonalds like other four year olds.
When you are four you think it is perfectly reasonable to dress up to go outside to play. You wear the outfit you chose in the morning, plus a princess dress up dress, and a tutu, and bunny ears, sunglasses, and high heeled dress up shoes. And you bring along an extra pair of dress up shoes…just in case.
When you are four you love to color, and you get wildly excited about doing a craft.
When you are four play doh send you into paroxysms of joy.
When you are four you have a family who adores you, and are so proud to call you their daughter.
When you are four you are everything that mommy and daddy wished for, hoped for, longed for, and loved long before we ever saw your face.


  1. Musings from Kim K. on March 17, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Four is definitely magical! Enjoy every second. Have fun with birthday celebrations all weekend long!

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