Where We Cook…

I forgot how very white our kitchen was until I looked back at these pictures…

White walls, white tile, and dark cabinets.

Our realtor said that this was the most vanilla house he had seen in a long time.

We spend a LOT of time in our kitchen. And we have so many neutrals on the main level of our house, so we wanted something a little bolder in the kitchen.

So we went with this rusty red…

It’s bold, but not crazy, and it makes me happy that it will work fabulously with my favorite season and holidays!

There are a LOT of changes to be made to the kitchen… I already miss my wood counters so much!

Eventually we will want to change the tile floor, there are quite a few chipped and cracked tiles, and we’re not in love with it, anyways.
We would love to either replace or refinish the cabinetry. I am totally not sure what to do with the shallow cabinets and counter on that one wall…what do we do with it?!
And those counters. I truly don’t think the husband is up for making more wood ones. But maybe we can figure out something else to refinish them? I would love cement ones!


  1. Brianna Wachter on August 5, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    I love the red walls…so much warmer than the white. Also, such a great little space on the kid's toys on the island!

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