Why we decided to adopt

I grew up up around a family who adopted two beautiful children from Cambodia, and since that time, I knew that I wanted, in some way, to include adoption as a means of building a family. We got married in 2000, and a couple of years later, we started trying to conceive. After fertility testing and treatments seemed to reveal a dead end, I heard on the radio one day that adoption seminars were being held in our area. We attended, and were both completely convinced that this was what we were meant to do. When we got in the car that afternoon, Josh turned to me and said “Let’s do this”; I had felt a very strong pull towards China, and, it turned out, so did Josh. We feel very strongly that we were always meant to do this, and that we are meant to have a child who will be from China. We feel that God has brought us to this point, and, although we are discouraged by the wait times, we are excited to see where this journey will take us! 

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  1. Alyson and Ford on June 29, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Congratulations on your adoption decision. There are so many children who need good, safe, loving homes. You will be blessed!Our journey is about to change as we expect our referral in July or August; our daughter will soon be home with us. Enjoy the journey!Alyson LID 01/27/06

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