Little M’s art has made me happy for a very long time. The things she draws cracks me up, and her little artistic stage was adorable

Now that she is writing, I am realizing a whole new level of adorable-ness. Her words are beyond precious, and I love everything she writes.

Here are some of my current faves…

At school, little M’s class has some mealworms. They are observing the stages of the mealworm, and this is what little M had to say…

“they are smelly. the mealworm smell disgusted. they eat carrots. they are worms. some are shedding. they are cute.”

This letter is my favorite. Please note the husband’s hair, which is awesome. Also, I would like to bring to your attention my dress, my giant ears, little M’s eyelashes, how small baby J is, and the fact that we have not two, but three kids.

This is the inside of the card… ha!

I wish I had 100… Ms Reymann faces. She loves her teacher!

Part of her homework last week…she was supposed to write words and draw pictures of things that rhyme with kit. One of the words she came up with was “bit.” And yes, the girl is biting into a chicken. Little M informed me that she forgot to cook it, that’s why it’s not a chicken nugget. Ha.

A letter she came home from school with because she “was thinking of me.” Love her…

And a note she slipped to the husband on Saturday… “I like playing with you because you are cool.”
Yeah. He is.

This is the picture on the back of the husband’s note, at the top it says they are using their imagination. Bless it.

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