Yarn, Easter Eggs, and Such…

We have been crafting up a Springtime storm here at casa Billigmeier!
I had many eggs from last year when they went on clearance. Many eggs.
Many of them became this wreath. Just hot glue them to your foam wreath. You may want to put your dabs of hot glue right on the seam of the egg. Don’t want those babies coming apart on your door!
Should you attempt to do this at home, paint your wreath first. Learn from my mistakes, I was quite disappointed with myself for not thinking ahead.
While I was still sick of myself for not painting the wreath before glueing on eggs, I still carried on. This is not really a craft, but I wanted a piled egg look without having to worry about kids taking all of those eggs. I pictured eggs ALL over my house. So I glued them. Oh yes, I did. Took about four minutes, just a dab of hot glue as I piled them in the basket. I also perversely enjoy the look on people’s faces when they go to pick up an egg and get the whole pile.
I have so much yarn! And I had a smaller foam wreath, and just started wrapping some yarn. No rhyme or reason (clearly) but smaller stripes would have looked super cute, too. And I still have lots of yarn!

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  1. Musings from Kim K. on April 2, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I love Easter crafting. You could always tuck and hot glue some Easter grass behind your egg wreath. It really is cute without it too. Great idea for the yarn wreath.

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